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Amspa Engineering Private Limited is located in Pune (India). We offer a range of comprehensive equipments and solutions for Fluid Dynamics and Packaging Industry. The company is registered with the brand of AMSPA with hope taking leadership in fluid dispensing field. We apply this concept throughout product development and provide users with more accurate, practical and cost effective solutions. We believe in philosophy of being human oriented and thriving enterprise through technology, achieving originality and increasing the benefit through quality, and promoting the development through competition, we strive to achieve our objective to be a top enterprise.

With sophisticated experience in technology and management, The company has made name for itself as an excellent supplier of industrial equipment. Thanks to the outstanding performance of products, our fuel transfer pumps, dispensing machinery, lubrication equipments, flow meters are being applied in more and more fields. Our goal is to continue to offer the most complete line of these products. We will draw on our technical expertise to provide our customers with cost effective products. Our mission is simple-to-do-whatever it takes to offer the best value and quality. We look forward  to working with you, our customers to meet all your pumping, flow metering, lubrication and dispensing requirement.

Our main products have been categorized under following groups.

Lubrication Equipment: Pneumatic Grease & Oil Pumps, Manual Grease & Oil Pumps, Manual Grease Guns, Cordless & Air Grease Guns, Grease Nipples, Grease Dosing Valves and Pumps, Oil Filling Systems, Grease Barrel Pumps.

Electronic Supplies: Low cost good quality Dispensing Consumables like Static Mixers, TT & TE Tips, Syringe Adapters, Quadro Mixers, Syringe Barrels, Barrel Tip Caps, Syringe End Cap, Six ounce Barrels, Plastic Steel Needle, Cartridge Guns, Flexible Needle, Amber and Black Syringe Barrels, Controllers Dispensers, Sealant & Grease Valves.

Packaging: Single & Two component sealant & adhesive cartridges, HDPE Drums, Pails, Jars & Bottles.

Fuelling Equipment: Electric Fuel Transfer Pump flow meter units, Diesel Bowser, 12/24 V DC Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Gear Pumps, Vane Pump,  Motorised & Manual Barrel Pumps, Fuel Nozzles, Tanker unloading Pumps.

Scientific Equipment: Peristaltic Pumps, Syringe Pumps & Infusion Pumps.

Flow Meters: Vortex, Turbine, Oval Gear, Ultrasonic, Turbine, Electromagnetic, Differential Pressure, Positive Displacement Vane Flowmeter, Woltman, Electronic Turbine Flow Meter

Tools: Pneumatic & Manual Sealant Chalking Guns, Pressure Washers, Manual rotary barrel pumps, Lever Action Pump.

Dispensing Equipment: Single & Two Component Dispensing Equipment for dispensing Epoxy, Silicone, Polyurethane Elastomers, Polyurethane Foams, Acrylic, Adhesives, Polysulfide, PVC Sealer, Sound Deadener, Mastic, Oil and Grease, poly urea etc. Dispensing Systems are available for robotic dispensing, automation dispensing and manual dispensing processes such as structural adhesive bonding, doming, encapsulating, filling, gasketing, PU Foam molding, sealing applications, micro none contact jet dispensing, grouting etc. We offer basic air operated controls up through robotic applied dispensing systems with touch screen, operator interface and network control. We represent major many MNC companies in dispensing field and provide a wide range of dispensing solutions for our clients. Other products include liquid dispensers, time pressure valves, grease valves, pressure pots etc.

Our Quality Assurance

Amspa Engineering P Ltd supplied equipment is known for its reliability, versatility and ease of maintenance. Our technicians provide customers with installation assistance, training and servicing at the facility of our customer.

We are committed to supplying products and services that lead to Total Customer Satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, delivery and after sales and services. To achieve this the company ensures effective deployment of man, machinery and materials, being right at the first time every time, continuous up- gradation of the skill sets of the employees so that they make a positive contribution to the organisational goals, creation of sense of partnership with suppliers and other business associates so they add positively and continually to the process of quality improvement, improvement of processes in different aspects of the organisational functioning, thereby giving the customers quality products at lower price, deployment of environmental friendly procedures by maintaining the ecological balance.

Our Infrastructure

At Amspa Engineering we do not just take your order. We provide a complete service from your initial enquiry through to after-sales care. We have experience in putting you across to the right raw material supplier for Adhesives and Sealants, helping you through selection process for equipment, and a telephone call gives immediate access to knowledgeable engineers who are familiar with all aspects of equipments.

We provide ongoing technical support and training in the use of our equipment, and group training sessions are regularly held for larger customers.

Customers range from single person companies up to multi-nationals. We value all customers.

Amspa Engineerng supplies a complete service package,
from your initial enquiry through to after-sales care

Products and techniques in the industry are constantly changing so we rely on our customers to pass on their demands as much as they rely on us to provide up to date solutions in an ever-changing market place.

Amspa supplied equipment have a 12-month guarantee on parts and labour. We hold extensive stocks of all spares and accessories at our Pune depot staffed by experienced engineers, and an instant fix service at your works is available (by arrangement) if required. Most repairs are turned around within 48 hours of receipt of complaint.

Every purchaser of Amspa equipment is entitled to a free of charge training session at our Pune office.

We provide ongoing technical support, at no cost, over the telephone should the customer need advice whilst on-site. Our telephone helpline is manned by staff who are familiar with all aspects of using, building and repairing our equipment. Group training sessions may be held for larger customers, on their premises.

Our Team

The Company has following Board of Directors

Anjani Tewari, Dr. S.G. Tewari, Dr. K. Tewari, R. G. Tewari

Our dedicated team of sales and service engineers, purchase, accounts and administration work  to deliver our clients quality assured equipments. All of our teammates have vast knowledge in their respective domains. We organize regular training sessions and workshops for sharpening their skills and enhancing the knowledge base of our team mates.

Client Satisfaction

We offer products as per your requirement

We listen to our customers and help them select products suited for their requirement. We encourage them to ask us as many questions about our equipment.

The vast range of dispensing, flow metering and pumping equipment that we offer allows them to easily find the correct product such that they do not have to convince themselves to buy our equipment.

We keep our prices at an affordable level

We believe that a niche exists for superior quality equipments at affordable price and we strive to focus on this niche. We are continuously looking for ways to bring more value to our customers. With our great prices, purchasing becomes much more flexible for any customer.

Why us?

Quality products, quality people, quality service; you will find it all here.

The Company is a leading supplier and system integrator for fluid  dispensing equipment, flow meters and pumps. We offer only the very best quality products, ensuring that you always receive the best possible value.

Committed to becoming your No.1 choice across a broad portfolio of fluid dispensing products. It is something that we are passionate about. That is what makes us different. That is what makes us better.

Customer Satisfaction is the Only Policy

We take pride in our ability to go that extra mile, in terms of guiding our customers throughout product selection process and standing behind each and every equipment we sell. We consider this approach to be an investment in the future of our customers - and plan to be the big part of that future.

List of Our Esteemed Customers
  • Savy Projects P Ltd, Pune
  • Deity Fuel Energy P Ltd, Pune
  • Zota Health Care Ltd, Surat
  • Hindoostan Technical Fabrics Ltd, Mumbai
  • Perennial Technologies P Ltd, Pune
  • Parekhplast India P Ltd, Satara
  • Victory Precision P Ltd, Pune
  • Gates India P Ltd, Lalru
  • SRK Construction & Projects P Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Elite Breads P Ltd, Thrissur
  • Alpha Security Instruments (I) P Ltd, Thiruvallur
  • Eskay Engichem P Ltd, Pune
  • Velan Valves I P Ltd, Coimbatore
  • Niksan Agrotech India P Ltd, Karad
  • Hafi Electra P Ltd, Pune
  • JCB India Ltd, Talegaon
  • Comstar Automotive Tech P Ltd, Chennai
  • Oriental Electrical Comp P Ltd, Mumbai
  • Reira Petro Service P Ltd, Goa
  • AB Mauri India P Ltd, Kalyani
  • Chanakya Agro Products P Ltd, Patna
  • HPCL Mittal Energy Ltd, Bhatinda
  • Air India Ltd, Chennai
  • Shah Alloys Ltd, Gandhinagar
  • Alcob Systems P Ltd, Pune
  • The Palani Andavar Mills Ltd, Coimbatore
  • USL Photovoltaics P Ltd, Coimbatore
  • Goldi Green Technologies P Ltd, Surat
  • Archean Chemical Industries P Ltd, Kutch
  • ARSS Infrastructure Project Ltd, Manawar
  • Satyan Polymers P Ltd, Mumbai
  • Urja Sealant P Ltd, Pune
  • GKN Driveline Ltd, Pune
  • Monarch Industrial Prod (I) P Ltd, Theni
  • Ingemental Solar India P Ltd, Pune
  • Amulet Coating P Ltd, Aurangabad
  • K L J Plasticizers Ltd, Silvassa

  • J K Laxmi Cement Ltd, Jaykapuram
  • Larson & Tubro Ltd, Mumbai
  • Kangaru Polymers P Ltd, Pune
  • Chemische Global P Ltd, Pune
  • Polyplastics Industries P Ltd, Pune
  • Dorf Ketal Chemical (I) P Ltd, Taloja
  • Ahlstrom Fibercomposites I P Ltd, Mundra
  • India Bulls Power Ltd, Amravati
  • Accumetric Silicones P Ltd, Kanchipuram
  • Consolidated Water Proofing P Ltd, Bangalore
  • Spankraft Hydro System P Ltd,  Nagpur
  • Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd, Pune
  • Bharati Shipyard Ltd, Dhabol
  • Greta Energy Ltd, Chandrapur
  • Jay Precision Products India P Ltd, Mumbai
  • Essar Project India Ltd, Mumbai
  • Siddhi Forge P Ltd, Ahmednagar
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Mumbai
  • Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, Roha
  • Avishkar Floritech P Ltd, Pune
  • Globe Capacitors Ltd, Faridabad
  • Amphenol Omniconnect India P Ltd, Chennai
  • Chedda Electricals & Electronics P Ltd, Hadapsar
  • Rajaguru Spinning Mills P Ltd, Erode
  • Jain Irrigation System Ltd, Jalgaon
  • B.G.Shirke Const. Tech P Ltd, Pune
  • Dongkwang Precision India P Ltd, Pune
  • Amara Raja Electronics Ltd, Chittoor
  • Indo Bioactive Labs P Ltd, Pune
  • Yash Capacitors P Ltd, Nashik
  • Speedline Fourwheels P Ltd, Bikaner
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Nashik
  • Havells India Ltd, Haridwar
  • Sunflag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, Bhandara
  • Milton Plastics Ltd, Silvassa
  • Mikrosen Control Devices P Ltd, Coimbatore
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